Why advertise on the network?

We know why you're doing this! Walter Karl has over 7 years of experience managing BtoB and BtoC co-registration programs for clients. We have worked with marketers in hundreds of different sectors and know why co-registration is a good fit for your marketing mix. In addition, we have experience with building out a contact strategy once a user opts-in to your database marketing program to cultivate your new opt-ins. Walter Karl can provide a very consultative approach to lead generation and have built a quality network to address your needs.

When should co-registration be used?

  • To grow your opt-in database
    - Co-registration is simply one of the most cost effective ways to grow your opt-in database
  • To generate leads for your sales team
    - Co-registration is a great tactic for building a file of names for your sales team

Why do marketers love it?

  • Lower risk - priced on a cost per lead basis
    - As an advertiser, you only pay for the users who have specifically requested to receive more information from your brand.
  • Ownership of leads
    - Once a user indicates they would like to opt-in, you can integrate them into your overall database marketing strategy. This creates multiple opportunities to monetize your leads.
  • Multiple consumer touch points and targeting capabilities
    - The OptNet is flexible enough to capture any data points so that you can execute a fully targeted, integrated marketing campaign to new opt-ins
  • Free Branding
    - Since you only pay on a cost per lead, you receive the benefit of branding impressions on top quality sites

Why OptNet?

  • BtoB and BtoC lead generation solutions - over 200 site partners
  • Over 30 site categories
  • Permission based opt-ins - no pre-checked or incentives
  • Superior technology with robust reporting functionality
  • State of the art data validation process
  • Quality, quality, quality - Walter Karl only partners with true BtoB and BtoC sites
  • Fully transparent site placements
  • Offer is optimized to receive the most traction, driving more volume for your offer
  • The ability to collect multiple fields, including custom questions
  • The ability to append up to 200 points with our ONE solution!

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