Optimization Network

OptNet is an online customer acquisition platform delivering quality lead generation solutions for publishers and advertisers. With over 50 years of experience in the Direct Marketing industry, OptNet addresses the needs of marketers looking to acquire new customers, and publishers looking to generate more revenue for their businesses.

Our Network

OptNet consists of 200 true BtoB sites and a BtoC affiliate network. With over 30 site categories in the network, advertisers can target specific demographics to ensure the highest quality leads.

How does OptNet Work?

OptNet works by leveraging co-registration to generate leads for marketers. Co-Registration is the process where an advertiser places their offer to opt-in on a site's registration path. Once the user indicates that they would like to receive the offer and hits "submit", their data is passed to Walter Karl who then:

  • aggregates the data into one file
  • dedupes across multiple sites
  • performs hygiene on the leads
  • ships the data to the marketer on a pre-determined basis

Best of all, marketers pay on a cost-per-lead basis!

Why OptNet?

Walter Karl has over 50 years of experience in the Direct Marketing industry and 7 years of experience managing co-registration media buys for their clients. Throughout the years of managing campaigns, Walter Karl has listened to the concerns of advertisers and publishers and has built a solution that addresses the issue of quality in the lead generation space. We only partner with quality sites to ensure marketers are receiving the highest quality leads.

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